How to Hide a Double Chin in Pictures

Do you dread being photographed because the camera seems to bring out your previously nonexistent double chin? Follow these step-by-step instructions and never again live in fear of the photographer (or your double chin).

Raise your head up. Pretend that you are looking at something slightly above you.

Move your head forward. If possible, use strong (but not too strong) light. Light can hide blemishes.

Make sure the camera is focused 2 inches above your eyes. Tilt your head down and extend your neck. This stretches the excess skin and reduces the chance of a double chin appearing on film.

Do one of three things recommended by Jeff Smith, author of "Posing Techniques": 1) Hide your double chin by resting your chin on your hands, arms or shoulders. 2) Stretch your chin area by turning away from the main light. 3) Extend your chin and lower your entire face.

Take pictures from a side angle and above your eyes or head.

About the Author

Todd C. Ruzicka is a writer, musician and educator. He has an English B.A. degree and a minor in mass communications from Minnesota State University Moorhead. Ruzicka's work has been published in Dagobert's Revenge magazine, online music periodicals and various college newspapers.