How to Heat Set Crayon Quilts

Things You'll Need

  • Muslin fabric quilt blocks that have been decorated using ordinary crayons
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • 2 sheets of plain white printer paper
  • 1 sheet of old newspaper

Quilters know that creating a beautiful quilt can involve a good deal of time along with some painstaking craftsmanship. So when a technique comes along that greatly simplifies the quilt making process, creative artists will usually take note. Ordinary crayons can be used to add color and decoration to any quilting project. The simple application of heat will keep those colors intact permanently.

Turn on the iron and move the temperature setting to "cotton."

Place the sheet of newspaper on top of the ironing board. Place the first sheet of plain white printing paper on top of the newspaper.

Place the crayon decorated quilt block on top of the first piece of paper with design side down.

Place the second piece of paper on top of upside down quilt block. The quilt block should now be sandwiched between the two pieces of paper.

Place iron directly on the top piece of paper and press, moving the iron back and forth over the paper for about 15 seconds. The heat will transfer excess wax to the bottom piece of paper and will effectively set the color. The newspaper will protect the ironing board from any transfer of wax.


  • It's easiest to heat set crayon quilts one block at a time rather than waiting until the entire quilt has been assembled to set the colors.


  • Do not press the quilt block for a longer period of time than directed since this could result in scorching the fabric.