How to Hand Sew Sequins

Things You'll Need

  • Sequins
  • Garment
  • Needle
  • Thread

Hand-sewing sequins can be tedious work, but doing so can create a fabulous finish for a piece. Sequins can add a great amount of pizazz to a simple garment, though they are also somewhat gentle and prone to falling off. Knowing how to hand-sew sequins can save you some money, and will also help you repair a dress when its sequins fall off.

Using your thumb and index finger, hold your sequins against your fabric.

Double-thread your needle and tie off your thread.

With your other hand, push your needle up through the tiny hole in the circle from the bottom of the fabric.

Pull the needle through the fabric and move it across the edge of the sequin.

Push the needle down through the fabric at the edge of the sequin.

Move the needle over slightly and pull it through the fabric again. You should now have a piece of thread running across one edge of the sequin, along with a small stitch under the fabric.

Hold a second sequin next to the first using your thumb and index finger.

Pull the needle and thread through the center hole of the next sequin.

Repeat this process with every sequin you wish to add.


  • You can also secure the sequins using a few more stitches. Just push and pull the needle through the hole at several different points. The more stitches, though, the more bulk is added to the sequin.