How to Go to the Ellen Degeneres TV Show

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If you love to watch the "Ellen Degeneres Show" on TV you would probably love attending a taping even more. The show had its debut in 2003, and had a contract to run at least through 2014. The show is taped at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. It's not easy to get tickets as they are often booked years in advance.

Go to the official website at Click on the "tickets" link just below the main banner.

Click on a date in the calendar on the ticket page. If tickets are available for that date, fill out the ticket request form that will appear. Guests are limited to just one date per season. If the form is accepted, the show will notify you. As of 2011, the show had no tickets available for any of its confirmed taping dates.

There are also standby tickets available for show tapings. Call 818-954-5929 the morning of the show to request tickets for that day's show.

In place of tickets, it's possible to win a place as a guest on the show. Click on the "Be on the Show" button on the top of the page. Any contests will be listed here, as well as the categories such as "Submit a Funny Photo," and "Tell Us Your Story." On occasion, the "Ellen" producers invite visitors to the show as guests. The link also includes intern information if any such positions are available.


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