How to Glue Broken Glass

By Timothy Bodamer

Breaking your favorite vase or a glass decoration often makes you feel sick to your stomach and immediately makes you wonder how much a replacement piece would cost. But before you open up you wallet, try a couple of simple fixes before giving up hope. Glue is a commonly used product that could keep your favorite piece proudly on display.

Use safety precautions. Before working with any piece of glass, wear gloves. If the piece has splintered there may be jagged edges that could cut the skin.

Sand the piece. If your vase or glass structure has broken into two pieces, sand down both pieces by rounding off any jagged edges.

Coat the pieces with glue. Apply an even amount of glue on each piece and avoid dripping by applying too much. Use a clean cloth to wipe any excess residual after sanding.

Press the pieces together and apply masking tape evenly over the affected area. You can also place a rubber band over the two pieces to keep continued pressure. Allow the glass to set for three hours.

Clean up. Use a dry cloth to clean the work area before the glue drives. If you don't wear gloves during the procedure, wash your hands. Excess glue can be wiped off of the glass with a paper towel. Or use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to target problem spots.


About the Author

Tim Bodamer is a freelance writer based in Seminole, Florida. He attended Edinboro Univerity of Pennsylvania where he studied journalism. He has 15 years of writing experience and specializes in sports, business and general interest topics.