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How to Get YouTube on PS3

The PS3 can play YouTube videos using a PS3-optimized YouTube page.
Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The PlayStation 3 console can do more than play video games; it is a media player that supports playback of Blu-ray discs, DVDs and audio CDs as well as video and audio files on its internal hard drive or through external USB devices. The PS3’s versatility extends to Web-based streaming media. Users with an Internet-ready PS3 console can take a break from gaming and watch YouTube videos using the built-in Web browser.

Press the “PS” button on the controller to power on the PS3 console.

Log in to your user account and wait for the console to load the home screen.

Log in to your PSN account if your PS3 isn’t configured to automatically log in by selecting the “PlayStation Network” icon and then selecting “Log in to My Account.”

Select the “Network” icon and then select “Internet Browser” from the menu. Press the “X” button to launch the Web browser.

Select the address bar at the top of the browser screen and press the “X” button.

Enter the address for the PS3-optimized YouTube website and then press the “X” button.

Highlight a video to watch and press the “X” button to load it.


The PS3 Internet browser has several controller shortcuts to speed up your Web browsing experience. A full list can be found on the PS3 user manual website.

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