How to Get Tickets for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

TV shows like Jimmy Fallon's gets audience members through free tickets.
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"Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" tapes five nights a week at the NBC Studios in Rockefeller Center in front of a live studio audience. Tickets for tapings are free and fairly simple to get in advance. Tickets can be acquired in advance on the phone or online, as well as at NBC Studios on the day of the show. "Late Night" is unusual among talk shows because some tickets give fans an opportunity to be on the stage during the musical performances. You must be 17 or older to attend a show.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone
  • Computer With Internet Access

Call the NBC studios at (212) 664-3056. A recorded prompt will instruct you to press 3 for tickets to Fallon's show. If tickets are available, an operator will answer the call to book tickets for the show. If they are not, a recorded message will explain when tickets will become available again.

Go to the Late Night website at to register for tickets to be on stage with the musical guest. These viewers sit in the back of the audience, in a section called the "Band Bench," during most of the show. They move to the stage for the musical guest performance. Fill out the required contact information and submit the form online.

Go to NBC Studios on the day of the taping for possible stand-by tickets Starting at 9 a.m., one ticket per person will be handed out under the NBC marquee on 49th Street. The tickets will be given out until there are either no more left or everyone in line has one. The NBC tour ticket booth in the NBC store will hold any remaining tickets until the show begins.