How to Get the on Demand Channels on DirectTV to Work

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Things You'll Need

  • Internet connection
  • DirecTV HD DVR

Cinema, a DirecTV on-demand service, offers more than 400 new-release pay-per-view titles and more than 6,000 free movies and television shows. The service can be set up with a few steps.

Select and order your DirecTV package if you are a new customer, using the DirecTV website or by calling 888-777-2454. Cinema requires an Internet connection, which can be obtained from DirectTV or elsewhere.

Ask the customer service representative for an HD DVR. The installer will set up your service free of charge.

Buy a connection kit if you are a current DirecTV customer and have a wireless Internet connection. The connection kit is a wireless adapter that connects to your HD DVR box and your home's wireless Internet connection. The kit can be purchased on the DirecTV website or by calling customer service at 800-531-5000.

Connect to Directv's On Demand service by using an Ethernet cable if you do not have wireless Internet. Using an Ethernet cable, connect your Internet modem to your DirecTV HD DVR receiver.

Call customer service at 800-531-5000 if you have problems after the initial installation and need a professional installer. A fee is charged.

Turn to channel 1100 to view the on-demand channels. You are directed to an interactive application that permits you to choose by name channels on which you can watch movies and TV shows.


  • Any Internet connection will work with Cinema, not just the service offered by DirecTV.