How to Get My Song on iTunes

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The iTunes Store is a digital music store that allows anyone with an Internet connection and an iTunes account the ability to search for and download music, and can be used to sell your music through the online service. In order to sell your digital music, you must be approved as a content provider, which allows you to upload content to the online store and receive royalties from digital downloads of your music. Prior to selling your music, you must have control of the digital distribution rights to your music, which determines where your music can be sold.

Open your Internet browser, and go to the Apple site.

Click the "iTunes" tab at the top of the browser window, and select the "Content Providers" link at the bottom of the browser window underneath the "Partner with iTunes" section.

Select "online application" underneath the "Become a content provider" section. Click the drop-down menu on the iTunes application and select "Music/Music Video." Click "Continue" to proceed.

Fill out the online application by entering your artist name, full name, mailing address, and phone number. Enter your taxpayer identification number or social security number in the appropriate fields, and check the boxes next to the countries where you control the digital distribution rights to your music.

Select "Independent Artist/Label" and click the "Continue" button. Select "Music" as the genre and enter the estimated number of songs, albums and videos you have in your music catalog.

Enter the primary artist name, and check the box next to the application term agreement. Click "Send" to submit the application.


  • Once your application is sent, a representative will contact you within a few weeks or months to notify you of your application's status.