How to Get Instrumental Versions of Songs

Find the instrumental version of your favorite song using an online search engine.
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Music fans and musicians often want to obtain the instrumental versions of songs for multiple reasons, including using it so they can be the lead singer in the band that plays their favorite song, to practice playing the song on the guitar, to make a customized cell phone ring or to play a game like "Name That Tune." Regardless of the genre, the instrumental version of nearly any song is available either by release from the artist themselves, or it can be found via an online search.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Song

Identify what song or songs you want to find the instrumental version(s) of. Make sure you know the actual name of the song, as well as the artist.

Perform an online search for the instrumental version of your song. Depending on the genre, some musicians actually record the instrumental versions of their work in addition to the version that features lyrics. Other options include finding a website that offers instrumental versions of songs for download.

Download the instrumental version of your favorite song or songs as an MP3 file. Once you have the music file in this format, you can either play it using a program on your computer or with an MP3 device such as an iPod.


  • Listen to your music file before you download it to ensure it is not corrupted.

    If the song happens to be from a movie or play, check the production's soundtrack for the instrumental version.