How to Get in the Ender World in "Minecraft" for Xbox

If you're looking for the ultimate challenge in "Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition," try traveling to the barren world known simply as "the End." The End is a floating island cloaked by an ink-black sky. Obsidian pillars dot the landscape, but don't expect to collect the rare mineral and return home safely. Once you've entered the End, you can only escape by dying or defeating the Ender dragon. If you still want to go there, you'll need to track down several rare materials as well as an End portal.

Blaze Powder

Go to a snowy area and collect as many snowballs as you can carry in your inventory. These will help you fight monsters in the Nether.

Build a portal to the Nether world out of obsidian blocks. Make the portal five blocks tall and four blocks wide. To activate the portal, stand in front of it and use a fire charge or a flint and steel. The portal will turn purple once activated.

Step through the portal to enter the Nether. Look for a large brick structure called a Nether fortress. The fortress location will vary depending on your Nether map.

Enter the Nether fortress and look for blaze monsters. These monsters are yellow and surrounded by gray smoke.

Throw snowballs at a blaze to damage it. If you run out of snowballs, shoot the blaze with your bow and arrows. Charging up a bow shot leaves you vulnerable, so hide behind something to avoid taking damage.

Defeat the blaze and collect the blaze rod it drops. Repeat this process until you've collected six blaze rods. Exit the Nether.

Go to a crafting table. Craft each blaze rod into blaze powder. One blaze rod yields two portions of powder.

Ender Pearls

Equip your most powerful armor and sword and then wait for nightfall.

Watch for Endermen to spawn. These creatures spawn somewhat rarely, but they always appear in pairs.

Aim your cross-hair at an Enderman for a few seconds to provoke it. It will start trembling and making a strange noise when angry.

Run up to the Enderman and attack its legs with your sword. The creature won't teleport if you attack its legs. If you strike elsewhere and it teleports away, stand with your back against a wall to prevent the Enderman from teleporting behind you.

Kill the Enderman and collect the Eye of Ender it drops. Repeat this process until you've collected 12 Eyes of Ender for the portal. Collect a few spare Eyes of Ender to help you locate the portal.

Take the Eyes of Ender to a crafting table. Combine each with one portion of blaze powder to craft an Ender pearl. Repeat this until you have 12 Ender pearls.

End Portal

Stand outside on flat land and toss an Eye of Ender into the air. The Eye will travel in the direction of the nearest stronghold that contains an End portal. Follow the Eye to the stronghold.

Locate the End portal inside the stronghold. The portal looks like a large square surrounded by green blocks.

Place one Ender pearl in each green block surrounding the portal. Once you place the final pearl, the portal activates.

Save your game and then step through the portal to travel directly to The End.


  • Some villagers may have Eyes of Ender available for trade.

    Each Minecraft world contains three End portals.

    An Enchanted Golden Apple gives you fire resistance when fighting blazes.


  • You cannot escape the End once you've entered. The only way out, except for dying or reloading an old save, is to kill the Ender dragon. Always save the game before entering the End.