How to Get Free Jazz MP3 Downloads

How to Get Free Jazz MP3 Downloads. Fortunately for jazz lovers, jazz is one of the more accessible music genres on the Internet. Since much of the music is now free of copyright issues or was created with a spirit of sharing and artistic freedom, there are plenty of free jazz downloads available online. Follow these steps to download some excellent jazz for free.

Get some samples. One of the fastest ways to get free jazz downloads is by finding samples of albums that are sold online. In many cases, you have an option to download an MP3 file of some of the songs that are on the album. Check CD sales sites such as Amazon.com or Download.com to find some high quality free downloads of jazz music.

Use All About Jazz. All About Jazz is a jazz-focused website that, in addition to many other things, offers free downloads of select songs and albums. Downloading from All About Jazz is easy, free and painless, so head to AllAboutJazz.com to get some free jazz downloads.

Download from the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive, at archive.org, is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making knowledge and culture available to anyone for free. Among the many pieces of media at the Archive site are full-length jazz concerts that are available for free download. Head to the Internet Archive, browse the concerts and make a few clicks to get some great jazz downloads.

Search specific artists. If you want to find jazz downloads of specific artists search for dedicated websites of these artists to get some free samples. For more contemporary artists, use popular promotion websites such as MySpace.com where musicians often place three of four songs for you to download. Spend some time on MySpace finding artists that are connected to each other to get some free music.

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