How to Get Disney Acting Jobs for Kids

Keira Knightley, Justin Timberlake, Lindsay Lohan and other big name stars all got their start with Disney. As some of the premiere acting opportunities for young, aspiring actors, Disney roles are coveted positions among those who want to "make it" in show business. If you know where to go and how to audition properly, then you stand a chance of making it yourself.

Put together a resume and acting history for your child. If she's had any sort of experience—whether it was acting camp, school plays, commercials or modeling—it should be mentioned. Take headshots and include those headshots with the resume for the casting director. Make sure the photographs are kept up to date, as children's appearances change very quickly.

Find auditions for Disney shows and movies. collects information about all of the casting calls on one website, letting you know where you need to be and what you need to bring. Regularly check this website to stay up to date on what's casting in your area and whether or not your child fits the bill for what the company is looking for.

Attend as many auditions and casting calls with your child as you can. Remember that you'll likely have to try several times before landing a role, due to the competition for the few spots available in Disney productions. You and your child need to be professional and mature, and you need to practice line memorization and quick reading for scripts in order to be as prepared as possible when it comes time to perform for the casting directors.


  • Find an agent if you're serious about your child's acting career. An agent's job is to keep an ear to the ground and to give you the jump on the upcoming roles and productions available.

    Broaden your child's resume. While landing a Disney role might be the eventual goal, don't be shy about trying for other movies or television shows. The more experience your child has, and the more industry contacts you make, the better your chances for sliding over to Disney become.


  • If you live far away from major cities—particularly cities with a movie industry, such as Hollywood or New York—it will be harder for you to find roles to audition for. Keep in mind that location is very important.

    Always check the official and legitimate roles available. There are lots of shady deals in the acting world, so if it isn't officially endorsed by Disney, then you should be wary of it.