How to Get Christian Music Published

By Contributing Writer ; Updated September 15, 2017

The gift of writing Christian music is a God-given talent that should be shared with everyone. The key to success is to network your music through the proper channels. Avoid problems by following procedures, especially protecting your original work. Writing music, especially Christian music, is a personal expression that should not be silenced.

Register your material with the Copyright Office in Washington, DC, to obtain copyright protection before you contact any publisher.

Locate reputable publishing companies by searching the directory of a national music publisher's association. The association communicates with publishing companies, dealers, music educators and users of music.

Obtain contact information of Christian music publishers that may interest you. Do not send the original manuscript, but a duplicate copy, of your music. Let the publisher know that you have submitted your work to other publishing companies. It will take approximately three to nine months for the process of reviewing your material.

Publish your music with a reputable publisher, as this will allow the company to take care of your songs by collecting the royalties. A legitimate publisher will not charge you to publish your songs.

Register with one of the organizations who regulates royalty payments to writers and publishers. Anywhere music is played, on radio, television, or film, they will get a report. The money is collected and given to publishers. The publisher's job is to distribute the money to the writer.


Networking is the key to success.