How to Get a Music Agent

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Although you may be blessed with a voice like Beyonce or Mariah, talent alone won't guarantee a successful music career. Preparing for the competitive nature of the recording industry requires both vision and execution. Securing the services of a reliable music agent can help you gain access into popular venues and also ensure your best interest is being protected.

Network with fellow musicians and singers to find reputable music agents. Although the music industry is competitive, there is often a sense of camaraderie amongst musicians. Ask local musicians for their recommendations to avoid becoming the next victim of music agent scam or neglect. Learn from the collective mistakes and triumphs of fellow musicians in online forums and bulletin boards.

Research talent agencies as well as independent contractors. Well known agencies such as Showbiz Ltd. focus on bookings for a variety of musical genres, while agencies such as Ace Productions focus on bookings exclusively for the country music genre. Use a music talent agency search engines such as MusicMoz to find agents that appeal to your individual style.

Let the music agents come to you. Attract worthy prospects by performing at talent shows and other community events. Make a website displaying your best performance clips and lyrics.Perfecting your sound and solidifying your fan base will make you a must-have for music agents seeking to make steady profits. booking your own shows in the beginning stages of your career could pave the way for increased status later.

Produce and distribute a professional demo and resume. This will demonstrate your skills as well as your commitment to success. The songs included on your demo should be catchy and well performed from the first note, to the last. Keep each song under 3 minutes to avoid evaluation boredom. Your resume should include any venues you've played as well as your career goals.

Consider the music agent's schedule. Music agents make money by booking venues for their artists. Although it's not uncommon for an agent to represent several musicians, you should try to avoid getting lost in the shuffle for profit. Ask each prospective music agent questions regarding his regular schedule and artist lineup. Making an effort to speak with artists represented by each music agent can provide further insight into realistic relationships.

Read the fine print before signing the contract. Get guidance from a lawyer to ensure the agreement you sign is in your best interest. For example, some contracts contain clauses that limit your ability to work with rival agencies in the event of contract releases. Pay a music agent upfront fees for booking services shouldn't be a contract condition.


  • Asking a trusted family member to serve as your music agent could save you time and frustration. This is a useful option for a starting artist. Discuss your ideal musical direction and career goals with any prospective music agent. Performing at suitable venues for your musical style can greatly further your career opportunities.