How to Get a Jedi Name

Get a Jedi Name

If you are wondering how to get a Jedi name, you have come to the right place. These names are appropriate for Jedi's in Training, Jedi Masters and anyone just a little bit curious what their Jedi name would be if they had a Star Wars identity. Your Jedi name is perfect for you to use as an identity on Star Wars themed websites. Use it as a topic starter or just an interesting thing to share with someone. Consider figuring out some of your friends' Jedi names as well. Have fun and enjoy!

To make your Jedi first name, take the first THREE letters of your last name.

Add the first TWO letters of your first name to make complete your Jedi first name.

To make your Jedi last name, take the first THREE letters of your mother's maiden name.

Add the first THREE letters of the city you were born in to make complete your Jedi last name.

My Jedi name is Sanfr Gutsam. What is yours?


While this is the standard way to make a Jedi name, I have seen others circulating on the internet. Share your Jedi name with other Star Wars lovers, but use caution among those who have not seen the movies or do not share your passion for.

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