How to Get a High Score on Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz is a highly addictive game on Facebook. If you have not started playing this game, don't start! It will immediately suck you in and cause you to lose hours from your life. If you are already addicted, however, it is too late and you might as well use a few strategies to score big and become the envy of all your Facebook friends.

Plan ahead. With a full-speed bonus, each jewel match can be worth 1,200 points. Planning ahead is essential to getting the speed bonus. You can do this by dividing the screen in half in your mind. Whenever you make a match on one side, you don't need to wait for the jewels to be destroyed to begin your next move. As soon as you make a match on one side, immediately look for a match on the other, unaffected side of the board. You can pre-swap jewels even before the jewels on the other side have finished falling. The move will take place as soon as the previous move and its effects have stopped. This will ensure there is little to no lag between moves. You need to make three matches every two seconds to keep your speed bonus.

Know your multiplier. Multipliers are the key to this game. They will double, triple, quadruple, etc. your score. To get a multiplier, one swap must result in 12 or more gems disappearing from the board. This can occur in one of several ways. One is by a series of cascades in which one swap causes jewels to fall so that additional matches are made. Another is to explode two power gems at the same time. Finally, you can also use a hypercube. You can only get one multiplier about every 10 seconds, so if you have two great moves that can result in a multiplier, you will want to save one until about 10 seconds have passed. Multipliers also multiply the speed bonus, which means that each swap can be worth up to 3,600 points

Save your power gems if you think you can get two close together. Then, explode them at the same time, which will result in the multiplier mentioned above. To get a power cube, you must match four cubes.

Save your hypercube. If you play Bejewled Blitz, you know that making hypercubes is essential to getting a high score. You do this by matching five cubes. You can then use that cube to destroy all cubes of one color on the board. The key is to use it strategically. If you can get a multiplier or two before you use your hypercube, it will have a much greater effect. However, if the board doesn't look like it will give you a multiplier soon, use your hypercube on the color with the highest number of jewels on the board.

Don't look at the clock. Looking at the clock will not make you go any faster and, in fact, is more likely to make you stress out and start making mistakes.

Play often. Bejeweled Blitz requires skill for a high score, but luck does play its part. Some boards start off stronger than others. If you play on a regular basis, your new skill will eventually meet a great board and result in Bejeweled score of more than 100,000.

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