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How to Get a Copy of Singer Sewing Machine Manual 9015

Singer designed the 9015 for classroom sewing instruction.
Sewing machine image by Susanne Karlsson from Fotolia.com

The popularity of sewing has skyrocketed over the last 10 years. Many people find satisfaction in making their own clothing, home decor and bedding. A good way to get started with this addictive hobby is to buy a used machine on which you can hone your skills. The downside to purchasing a pre-owned machine is the possibility of a missing owner's manual. The Singer 9015 is a machine designed for beginners in a school or classroom setting. The 9015 has six built-in stitch patterns and a buttonhole feature. If your machine is missing its manual, they are readily available online.

Locate the model number on your machine. On machines manufactured after 1990, the number is located on the side of the machine, underneath the hand wheel. On machines manufactured from 1960-1989, the model number is listed on the front panel of the sewing machine.

Go to the official Singer Sewing Co. website at singerco.com.


Point your mouse at the "Customer Support" tab at the top of the page. A drop-down box will appear. Click on "Instruction Manuals".


Type the model number in the search box.

Locate the listing for the 9015 manual.

Download the manual free of charge.

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