How to Fold Dollar Bill Origami Pants

Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Origami, the art of paper folding, allows you to create a variety of shapes and objects. Origami paper is typically used for folding shapes and objects, however, in many instances a dollar bill may be used instead. You can create an entire origami outfit, including a shirt and pants, out of dollar bills. The dollar bill origami pants are typically wrapped over or inserted into the dollar bill origami shirt to hold the folds in place.

Face the front side of your dollar bill down and fold it in half lengthwise by placing the top side to the bottom side.

Fold the bill in half, placing the right side to the left side and unfold.

Pull the left and right sides of the bill down to the center so that the top edge aligns with the center crease line.

Fold the top triangle tip down to form a waistline at the angle where the sides become parallel. Fold the left and right edge sides of the pants to the back to meet at the center.

Complete an origami outfit by wrapping the two side flaps from the origami pants to the waistline of a dollar bill origami shirt. You may also insert the pants waistline into the bottom slip of an origami shirt.


  • Fold paper evenly and press down on folds firmly for a smoother finish.