How to Fold a Double Heart Out of a Dollar Bill

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Folding a bill into a heart is a great way to give a gift of money or just to have a fun way to decorate gifts. A dollar bill folded into a heart is also a way to break the ice with young children. Origami is the basis for the dollar bill heart and can be used on decorative paper once you have learned the steps.

Hold the bill horizontally and fold it in half vertically, making sure that you crease it well. Unfold it and fold it in half horizontally, again making sure that you crease it well. Unfold it again.

Fold the bottom edge to the center line and crease it well.

Fold both bottom corners up diagonally using the center vertical line as a stopping point.

Turn the bill over and it will appear as an arrow pointing downward.

Fold the left side in to meet the edge of the bill that has been folded into the center. Do the same for the right edge.

Fold down the two top flaps to meet the top edge of the arrow.

Fold down the two corners of the right top side so that it is rounded. Do the same for the right side.

Turn the bill over and you have a heart.


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