How to Fold a Dollar Bill Into a Shirt

An origami dollar shirt is easy to make.
Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Fold a dollar bill into a collared shirt shape just for fun, or as an alternative way to offer a tip. Even though the finished shape looks complex, it takes only a single piece of paper money to complete the shirt.

Getting Started

Select a dollar bill -- or paper currency of any denomination -- that looks crisp, fresh and new. After all, you want the shirt to look as nice and neat as possible, instead of like an old dirty shirt that needs ironing. Set the bill on the table horizontally and face up in front of you so the president's face faces you. Crease the bill in half from top to bottom, and then smooth it flat; next fold the top and bottom edges to meet in the center at the original fold line.

Forming the Collar

Fold the white part of the right edge of the bill under and crease it while the bill is folded lengthwise. If your bill doesn't have a white edge, the fold should be approximately 1/8 inch. Rotate the dollar so that it sits vertically in front of you. Fold the top part of each side at an angle to so that they meet at their points in the middle about 1/4 inch from the top edge to simulate a collar.

Creating the Shirt Shape

Fold the bottom third of the dollar up so it reaches near the center of the bill. On the opposite side, you should see about 1/4 inch of the circle that holds the pyramid. Fold it up one more time; it should tuck neatly beneath the collar to form a square shirt shape without sleeves. Crease the fold lines, then unfold both folds you've just made.

Shaping the Sleeves

Grab the dollar along the crease that rests one-third the way up from the bottom. Pinch the left flap outwards along the creased area to create a new fold that angles outward. Repeat the process with the right flap to create a matching sleeve. Fold the dollar back up along the previously creased lines to reveal the shirt, complete with sleeves.