How to Fix Guitar Strings

Things You'll Need

  • Guitar
  • Guitar strings
  • Guitar string winder
  • Polish
  • Rag

If you are just learning how to play the guitar, you will need to learn how to fix the guitar strings when they break on your guitar. There are a number of factors that go into why your strings break such as the force you use when playing, how old the strings are, and how often you have to tune them. Learning to change your guitar's strings is an essential part of routine guitar maintenance and is a process that should be done carefully.

Loosen and remove all of the strings from the tuning pegs. You can get string winders at your local music shop. Take the end of the winder that looks like the tuning head and place it on the head. Turn the winder to loosen the strings from the tuning peg. Remove each string from the hole in each of the tuning pegs.

Pull out all of the strings from the bridge of the guitar. The bridge is located near the bottom of the body of the guitar, and this is where all the strings are laced through before being put into the tuning pegs. You will need to remove all the strings from the bridge in order to make space for your new strings.

Take an old soft rag or piece of cloth from an old t-shirt and polish the neck and body of your guitar. It is very important that you make sure to clean off the all grime on your fingerboard to preserve the sound quality of your guitar when you play. Use guitar body polish and a rag and wipe off all the dust from the body and neck. When you clean the body, spray one spritz of polish on the body and take the rag and wipe the body in a circular motion from the outside toward the inside of the body and around the pickups.

Open up your new package of guitar strings and remove the strings from the package. Each string is gauged so you know which string is which according to its thickness. Each string comes in a separate envelope to help keep from getting them mixed up and entangled. Just remove the envelopes from the package and leave each string in its envelope until you are ready to use it.

Start with the low E string and fit it through the hole at the bridge and through the hole in the tuning peg. Pull the string taut above the body of the guitar at about a 90 degree angle. Take the winder, place it on the tuning head, and begin to turn the winder. This will start making the string tighter and will wind the string securely around the tuning peg.

Repeat this process for every string on the guitar. Now put on all the other strings in the package the exact same way as the low E string you just put on. Once this is done you are ready to tune your guitar and the process is completed.