How to Finish a Cross-Stitch Project

Finish a Cross-Stitch Project

How to Finish a Cross-Stitch Project. Your completed cross-stitch project may need some care or cleaning before it's displayed, used or given as a gift.

Remove the completed cross-stitch piece from the hoop or frame and check for any dirt or smudges.

Launder the item if your soiled cross-stitch piece has been worked directly onto an item that will eventually be laundered.

Hand-wash any other soiled cross-stitch piece gently in lukewarm water and mild liquid dish soap. Rinse in lukewarm water.

Roll the wet cross-stitch piece in a clean white towel in such a way that no part of the piece comes into direct contact with any other part. Squeeze to remove excess water.

Lay flat to dry until slightly damp.

Place the damp piece facedown on a clean white towel.

Press gently at the medium-high to high setting with a dry iron until the piece is dry.

Dry-clean the cross-stitch project if the materials used are labeled "dry-clean only."

Frame or mount the work as desired or by following kit instructions.



To remove creases left by an embroidery hoop, lightly spray the back of the piece with water. Place the piece on a clean white towel, and press with a dry iron at the medium-high to high setting. Avoid moving the iron back and forth too much or pressing too hard when ironing the damp piece - you may flatten stitches. Soak the cross-stitch piece in lukewarm water if any of the colors bleed. Change the water every hour until it remains clear. Consult a professional craft or frame shop for framing instructions.

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