How to Find Vendors for a Craft Fair Using Flyers

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A craft show is a collection of craft vendors who gather in one convenient location to sell their handcrafted goods. In order to organize a successful craft fair, you must contact enough vendors to fill your location and make the fair worth visiting. Flyers are an effective advertising tool ā€“ use them all around your area to attract potential vendors. Be sure that the flyers indicate the price of a table and all other pertinent information vendors need to know.

Contact your local newspaper and pay them to distribute your flyer inside their newspaper. Newspapers frequently distribute flyers and for a fee you can pay them to hand out your flyer along with their papers to subscribers.

Visit your local community center or various craft stores in the area and post the flyers in a visible location, where the right people will see them. Going to craft stores and community centers that offer craft courses will ensure the flyers are seen by craft enthusiasts.

Insert flyers under the windshield wipers of cars that are parked in craft store parking lots. If people donā€™t check bulletin boards they will surely notice your flyer on the front of their car before they drive home. Check first if this is legal in your location, however, or you could be charged with littering.

Hand out the flyers at church, at a pottery class or any other time when you are in contact with a large group of people. Even if the people you hand the flyers to are not interested in crafts, word of mouth is a potent advertising tool and the people who get the flyers might pass on the news to crafters they know.

Create a digital version of the flyer and post the image on your Facebook, Twitter or other social networking site. The Internet is a speedy way to get exposure and spread the word of your upcoming events.


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