How to Find the Bestselling Flea Market Products

Selling at flea markets can be a rewarding business because of the amount of money that you can make. It is also more exciting than selling at a regular store. The atmosphere of old and vintage products and the thrill of hunting for rare finds emanating from the crowd are things that you will not get in an ordinary shop. One way that you can sell at flea markets is by selling flea market wholesale items.

Go to several flea markets and ask wholesale flea market vendors about which bulk products are the most saleable to customers. There is a good change the vendor will not tell you. After all, it does not want the competition. Asking in a roundabout way will probably give you more information, as will watching the tables of several who seem to be selling in greater quantities. If a vendor is selling the types of products you are interested in, keep an eye on shopper volume and price ranges that seem to make the sale.

Ask buyers of flea market wholesale items to know which wholesale products they look for the most and why. Again, watching the flow of customers through a popular flea market venue can help you with this. You should also know the reasons so that you will better understand the flow and processes of buying and selling at flea markets.

Choose impulse buys that will wow your customers. For example, nobody will miss the chance to buy or take at look at real gold being sold for a dollar. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the flea market buyers. But you should not tell lies about your products. If you said you are selling real gold for $1, then you should really sell gold for $1. Impulse buy items are usually a lot less exciting than that. Using loss leaders to attract customers works well, but you shouldn't damage your bottom line.

Look for wholesale companies that offer great deals for their products. You have to know the kind of product that you want to sell in bulk to make your search easier and faster. The best-selling flea market products are often the ones you can get at the cheapest prices. Once you have chosen your product, you can now start looking for companies that offer flea market wholesale items.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet
  • Phone Book
  • Reseller's license


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