How to Find Out Who Left Dancing with the Stars Tonight

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Every Monday night, the Internet searches go out: "Who Left Dancing with the Stars Tonight?" Fans who miss a results show want to know quickly which of their favorite celebrities was axed from the popular dance competition. If you're dying to know which way-less-than-A-list-celeb is on his way home, skip the search engine and get right to the facts!

Go to the ABC network's website (see Resources, below, for a link). There, you can actually watch the whole episode to find out what happened. If you want the news more quickly, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see whose bio is not lit up anymore. The ABC website is quick and efficient.

Find a recap on the website of your favorite newspaper or celebrity website. "Dancing With the Stars" is very popular and the show's results are quickly posted in the entertainment sections of websites such as USA Today, Entertainment Tonight and your local television news station.


If you don't want to watch the episode, go on the official website or look through a recap, your final option is to wait until the next episode. Or, of course, call an addicted friend.



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