How to Find an Artist by Painting Style

An image with palette with oil paints image by Mykola Velychko from

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet

Gone are the days of having to find information by laboriously trawling through heavy and dusty art history books in the reference section of the library. Finding information about an art movement or a particular artist associated with a specific art style is now conveniently accessible via the most expansive information resource: the World Wide Web. So to find an artist via an art movement or painting style, it is just a few clicks away.

Log on to the Internet. Type in the address of a search engine in the address bar at the top of the page. Use popular search engines like Lycos, Google, AOL Search or any others of your choice. Press the enter key to take you to the search engine's home page.

Type in: "How to find an artist via an art movement." Alternatively, type in "How to find an art movement," or just type in the name of the art movement itself. A list of associated websites should appear. Some should be art history resource sites relevant to your search to help you locate the information you require.

Browse through the search engine list. Click into websites that are applicable to your search. On the resource home page of your chosen website, you should be able to access a range of options to find the information relevant to your search--list of art movements, alphabetical search list or an on-site search engine facility.

For example, Absolute Arts is an art resource site about artists and art movements. Click on a name of an art movement. Find this listed in the "art movement list" at the left hand side of the page. A new window will appear giving you information about your chosen art movement. On this page, you should be able to easily find the name of the artist you are trying to locate.

Alternatively, take a look at the Artlex Art Dictionary, which has a search engine facility at the top of the page for you to type in the name of the art movement to find your particular artist.

Or visit a website pertaining to your art movement. It should list all the artists involved.


  • To find an artist associated with an art style, you can directly find the information by just typing in the name of the artist into the search engine, rather than finding the artist via an art movement. If the artist is not well known and you cannot locate the information you need via the Internet, then visit the reference section at your local library.