How to Find a Songwriter

Songwriters have become much easier to locate with today's electronic resources.
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Given today’s intricate communication options, finding a songwriter can be an overwhelming process. However, if you employ proper research techniques and explore current resources, you should be able to find the songwriter who is right for you. Whether the songwriter you’re looking to find is an established artist or someone new to the music scene, the Internet has led to a small handful of comprehensive songwriter databases.

How to Find a Songwriter for General Purposes

Visit the Singer/Songwriter Directory at where you can find an alphabetical listing of songwriters from across the world.

Click on the name of the artist who interests you to bring up user comments as well as links to home pages and fan pages dedicated to that specific artist.

Explore musicians who write songs for individual genres by clicking on your genre of interest, such as rock, pop or folk music.

Use the Singer/Songwriter Directory’s resources, which include music publishers, organizations, record companies and recording studios, as another tool in researching and identifying songwriters by clicking on the individual resources on the home page of the directory's website.

How to Find a Songwriter for Your Project

Visit if you’re interested in having songwriters compete to create material for a project of your choosing. First, set a prize amount with Musik Pitch by selecting the "Launch Contest" option on the company's website. Then choose between the website’s exclusive or nonexclusive licensing agreement or upload your own licensing agreement.

Rate the material songwriters submit to your contest to suit your specific project. You can rate the songs and make suggestions to the artists directly before choosing a winner.

Choose a winning song and a usage license will be sent to you. According to, you set the project's price based on its scope and budget.