How to Find a Singer for My New Song

One of the many joys of being a songwriter is seeing and hearing your songs performed by a competent singer. Some of history's greatest songs were written to be performed by singers. Examples include "My Girl," written by Smokey Robinson and sung by the Temptations, and "A Song for Mama," written by Babyface and sung by Boyz II Men. Whether you are a professional or an amateur songwriter, there are always singers looking to sing your songs.

Things You'll Need

  • Money (To Pay Singers)
  • Home Recording Software
  • Cd Burner
  • Cd Of Your Song
  • Computer With Internet Access
  • Blank Cd-Rs
  • Usb Microphone

Download free recording software to your computer, such as GarageBand or Audacity. If you don't have a microphone for your computer, you can purchase a USB microphone online for less than $50. You'll need this equipment and software so you can record a rough version of your song to give prospective singers an idea of how it should be performed.

Plug your USB mic into the USB port on your computer. Open your recording software and begin recording your song. Save the recording to your computer.

Post notices requesting competent singers on social-networking and bulletin-board sites, such as MySpace, Facebook and Craigslist. Explain the type of singer you are looking for (for example, a pop singer a la Michael Jackson), the style of music and whether you can pay for the singer's time and services. Post the same notice on artist and musician sites, such as ReverbNation, Musicians Page and GigMasters (see Resources).

Attend a musical showcase in your community to hear singers perform live. Bring CD copies of your song with your contact information. Approach singers after the showcase and mention that you are looking for someone to sing your song. Schedule meetings with interested singers individually before agreeing to hire or use one's services.


  • To post notices on Facebook and MySpace, you will have to create a profile on each. There is no charge to create profiles.

    CD duplication companies can make your demos more presentable by adding labels that include the song name, your name and your contact number.

    Invest in recording a professional demo of your song if you plan to shop to major recording artists or singers and are a good enough singer. You may also hire a competent singer to record your song. Expect to pay between $75 and $100 per hour for recording-studio time as of 2010. You'll receive a copy of your song on CD. Buy blank CD-Rs and burn copies of your song on your computer or contact a CD duplication company to make copies of your CD for approximately $1 per CD as of 2010.


  • Before hiring singers to record your songs, contact the U.S. Copyright Office and request a registration form. (Your song is granted automatic copyrights when it is completed.) Follow the instructions to complete the form and mail it in with $45, the fee as of 2010.

    You may receive plenty of rejections from record labels and managers when attempting to pitch songs to their singers, as many of them write their own songs and only work with those with a proven track record in the industry.