How to Enlarge a Quilt Pattern Images

Things You'll Need

  • Quilt pattern
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Calculator (optional)
  • Photocopy machine

If you find a quilt pattern you'd like to make, but it only provides templates for a small quilt, try enlarging it. Computers and photocopy machines have made enlarging quilt patterns an easy task that takes little time to complete. Once you learn to take advantage of this equipment, you can enlarge any quilt pattern in just a few simple steps.

Determine what size quilt (in square inches) the original pattern will yield; multiply the length and width of the quilt to determine its size in square inches.

Decide how large you want your finished quilt to measure by multiplying the length and the width of your desired quilt size.

Divide the actual quilt pattern's size by the desired quilt-pattern size.

Multiply the resulting figure by 100. This will determine the percentage by which you need to enlarge the original pattern in order to convert it to the desired size.

Lift the top of the photocopy machine.

Place the pattern, right side down, on the bed of a photocopy machine; position the pattern paper so that one corner sits flush against the upper left-hand corner of the copy machine's bed and close the top.

Select the resize option from the menu on the photocopier screen.

Enter the percentage by which you need to enlarge the original image.

Press the "start" button (on most copy machines, this is the green button) to make a photocopy image of the quilt pattern in the desired size.


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