How to Dress Up Like Mad Men Characters

Jim Spellman/WireImage

Things You'll Need

  • For Betty Draper
  • Knee length dress with full skirt.
  • Gloves
  • Pearls
  • Heels
  • Blonde wig
  • Eyeliner
  • Lipstick
  • Hot rollers
  • Hairspray
  • Fake cigarettes
  • For Don Draper
  • Suit
  • Tie
  • Pomade
  • Fake cigarettes
  • Cocktail

While there may be some 60’s tie-dye, bead-wearing hippies running around this Halloween, you can get inspired by Mad Men’s ultra suave Don Draper and elegant Betty Draper for a sophisticated take on the decade.

The Betty Draper Look

It’s time to go shopping gals. Hit up your favorite thrift shop or online store for the perfect, floral, knee length dress. The fuller the skirt, the better. Don’t settle for any ol’ frock. Pick something beautiful (think Grace Kelly) you can wear again to a cocktail party or spring wedding.

Accessorize this look with a pearl necklace, clutch and gloves to match the dress.

A closed, pointed toe shoe with a demure heel is the ultimate pairing for the look.

The women of the 60s never left the house without putting on their face, so don’t forget to put on yours. Foundation and powder will give you the perfect complexion. Liquid liner (wing the outside corner up) and mascara are all you need on the eyes. Fake lashes are an option for a more dramatic look. Bright, red or bubble gum pink lipstick is perfect for a come-hither, Betty Draper pout.

If you’re not blonde, off to the wig store you go. If you're hair is long, you can pin it under to achieve a shoulder length bob.

To get Betty’s prim curls, you will need hot rollers. Part hair to one side. Separate a section of hair, lightly spray with styling spray and roll hair. Repeat until all your hair is rolled. While you wait for curlers to cool, splash on a coat of your favorite nail varnish.

Once your curls are set, remove curlers. Brush hair out with a natural bristle brush. Once you get the waves smooth and in place, spray hair with finishing spray. Fix any flyways with styling cream.

Candy or fake cigarettes will give you that 60s smokers look sans lung cancer.

The Don Draper Look

A classic, gray suit paired with a crisp white shirt and dark, skinny tie will give you the quintessential look of this advertising magnate.

Mr. Draper’s do is achieved with a side part and product. For the almost shellacked coif, use a pomade or a mix of gel and hairspray. No movement and shine are the key.

A faux cigarette and old-fashioned cocktail will give you the Mad Men swagger.


  • For the ladies...To help your lipstick last all night, start with a lip primer. Don't forget to line your lips. Once you apply the lipstick, blot and reapply.