How to Draw With Indian Ink

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Things You'll Need

  • Stylus
  • Set of nibs
  • Jars of India ink
  • Paper
  • Distilled water

India inks are inks that come in small jars -- you draw with them using a stylus with interchangeable nibs. This affords you a certain level of freedom in your art, as you can purchase sets of nibs that enable you to switch back and forth between drawing thin and bold lines. These inks come in varying colors and may even be thinned out using water, but be careful -- just as you must use a certain type of pen and paper when drawing with India ink, you must also use a certain type of water for thinning it out.

Choose paper with a texture that suits your drawing needs. When using India ink, your pen's nib should never snag on heavily textured paper surfaces -- it should run smoothly across. If you are using a fine nib, for example, choose smooth paper. Broader nibs and broader lines allow for more textured paper.

Place your nib of choice on the stylus, depending on the thickness of the line you want.

Dip the tip of the nib into your jar of ink.

Press the nib to the paper and draw in smooth strokes -- since India ink flows well, you do not need to worry about it clogging on the tip of your pen.

Thin out your ink with distilled water to lighten the shade. Using tap water will cause the ink to separate, so make sure the water is distilled.