How to Draw the Number 1 in 3D

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Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Ruler

Draw 3-D block letters quickly and easily with a writing utensil and a ruler. It is possible to finish three-dimensional numbers and letters by drawing freehand, but for the best results a straight edge is strongly encouraged. Starting out drawing the number 1 in 3-D is a great way to prepare yourself for taking on more complicated words and perhaps phrases. Use a clean, flat surface with enough room for you to rotate your drawing as necessary.

Draw a block number 1.

Place another block number 1 slightly to the right and below the your first drawing. Make them the same size and shape. The numbers should slightly overlap.


Draw connecting lines to corresponding points on both numbers; i.e., connect the top-right corners of both numbers and so on. Use your ruler to make the lines as straight as possible.


Erase any lines that would not be visible through your 3-D object.



  • Make your initial number 1 more ornate and with a base so you have more features to demonstrate the three-dimensional effect.


  • Be sure you know which number will be the front of your drawing before you start erasing lines.


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