How to Draw the Earth

Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Photo of Earth

Many people enjoy drawing as a hobby. While there are no shortage of subjects, there are some items that artists seem to continue to repeatedly draw. The planet Earth is an easily recognizable image that artists have portrayed through different media during the centuries. Before you can paint or sculpt the Earth, you must first learn to draw it. After you have studied an image of the planet Earth, you should have no problem drawing it.

Study your photo closely, and observe the locations of the continents on the particular photo you will be referencing.

Draw a large circle onto your piece of paper. Then, lightly draw two lines through the center of the circle. One line should be drawn horizontally through the center of the circle, and the other should be drawn vertically. These lines will serve as a guide, to help you more easily and accurately place your continents.

Look at your photo of earth, and observe where the continents are located. Lightly draw small circles on your planet in the areas where the continents should be placed.

Add more detail to the continents. Observe the irregular outlines and ridges of the continents, and draw them onto your paper. These details will make your earth drawing appear finished.

Erase the guidelines drawn in step 2, as well as the circular outlines used to represent the continents.


  • Color your drawing of the planet earth, if desired, using crayons, markers, paints or pastels.