How to Draw Person Running

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper

Drawing a running person is easy if you apply a simple framework to your drawing. The frame in this demo is a stick figure. Clothing and details are added to the stick figure to give it life. Follow along with the steps to draw your own running person.

Draw a stick figure to figure out the movement of the body. One leg will be planted on the ground, pushing off, while the other is behind the body. The arms will be at right angles to the body. The foot on the ground will be bent.

Example 2

Draw clothing on the stick figure. Make sure to show the folds of the clothing where the body is bending.

Example 3

Add human features to the stick figure. Thicken his arms, give his head some hair, add a face and draw his neck.

Example 4

Erase the lines from the stick person in Step 1.

About the Author

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