How to Draw Hands

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

How to Draw Hands. Depicting hands can be one of the most difficult assignments in figure drawing. Hands are complexly shaped, but the details can be simplified and portrayed with just a few basic lines and figures. If done correctly, the hand can take on a realistic and graceful.

Know the correct proportions of the hand in relation to the body. Compare the hand to the face. The hand from wrist to fingertip should be approximately the length of the chin to the middle of the forehead. This can vary a bit.

Pay close attention to the proportion of fingers to palm. Fingers are roughly the same size as the palm. Fingers are rarely held rigidly straight. Instead, they naturally fall into bent and curled positions. Even when the fingers are curled, the proportion between finger and palm remains.

Pay attention to knuckles and how the hand is formed. There are three knuckles on each hand, and two on the thumb. The fingers can bend at any of these points. When a fist is being made, or an object is held in the hand, each joint in the fingers bends at a different angle.

Capture the correct angle at the wrist. This joint can move in any direction. Many angles happen naturally between the hand and the wrist during movement and in assuming different poses.

Keep it simple. Use the correct proportion and shape. Unless the main subject of the picture is the hands, don't put too much detail into them. When looking at a picture, eyes do not usually fall to the hands, unless they are distracting.

Practice by sketching hands frequently. Sketch your own hand in many different poses. Look at magazine or catalogue photographs and try to recreate hand poses of various models.

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