How to Draw Cartoon Bubble Letters Step by Step

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black marker
  • Paper

Bubble letters are a fun and recognizable lettering style that can be adapted to many different kinds of artwork, such as cartoons, graffiti, caricatures or comics. Bubble letters look great in a logo and on T-shirts, notebooks, backpacks, yearbooks and posters.

Using a pencil, write in block letters (don't use cursive handwriting) the word or words that you want to make into bubble letters. However, leave a little more space between each letter than you normally do.

Use a black marker to draw a floating outline around each letter. You shouldn't touch any part of the letter you are outlining. Don't worry about the insides of the letters yet (like the inside of an "R"). If your letters touch, don't overlap the lines. Imagine the line going behind the other letter.

Draw a small triangle inside each letter that has a hole in the middle, such as "q," "o," "g" and "d."

Erase the pencil lines.

Make a mark shaped like a banana on the upper-right side of each bubble letter. This mark makes it look like light is reflecting off the letter. For letters like a lower-case "b," there may be more than one upper-right part of the letter.


  • Try making the banana-shaped reflections white for a different effect.

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