How to Draw a Wave Step-by-Step

Learn how to draw waves, to add detail to an ocean scene drawing. You can do this by combining a few simple shapes. Before you begin drawing, look at some images of real waves and use these to inspire your drawing. When sketching waves, it is best to use a pencil with an eraser on the end of it, which will enable you to remove any mistakes or unwanted lines.

Sketch a semicircle with the straight edge facing downward.

Draw a sideways teardrop shape starting with the point in the bottom left corner of the semicircle. The straight edge of the semicircle should run straight down the middle of the sideways teardrop, cutting it into two halves.


Erase the entire straight edge of the semicircle. You will be left with the outline of a rolling wave.


Add cloud shapes to represent the water foaming at the wave's point if you want crashing waves.


Draw lines leading from the wave's point, around the sideways tear to show the movement in the water.