How to Draw a Stick Figure

How to Draw a Stick Figure. When you first start drawing people, you can get the basics down by drawing a stick figure. Once you get the hang of the way the body goes together, you can move on to more complicated human drawings. Follow these tips to draw a stick figure.

Draw a long stick for the body. You want the body to be the longest part of the drawing. Make a circle for the head and add two straight lines for the arms. You can include small circles on the ends of the arms for hands or just leave the arms straight for a simple stick figure.

Make two straight lines coming out of the original body line. These lines can go straight down or angle like an upside-down "V". Add two small horizontal lines or small circles for feet.

Create a more natural-looking stick figure by adding extra pieces to the arms and legs. Divide the arms into two pieces that bend at the half way point like human arms, which bend at the elbows.

Divide the legs into two parts that bend at the halfway point like human legs with a bend at the knees.

Use a human dummy to help you get the dimensions correct. The dummy is a stick-like representation of a real human body. You can bend it into different positions to see how the arms and legs would be correctly drawn.

Proportion your stick figure correctly. The body should be seven times the size of the head. You can see the correct proportions when you use the human dummy.

Add dimensions to the stick figure by drawing on clothing or coloring your stick figure.

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