How to Draw a Squirrel Step-by-Step

Steph Kenrose

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil

This article will walk you through how to draw a squirrel using basic shapes. This technique can be used to draw just about any animal from mammals to fish---all that's needed is an eye for shapes, a pencil and paper. If you are happy with your work, go over your pencil marks in colored pencil or ink for a stunning effect.

Draw a large circle for the body and attach a smaller circle for the head. Squirrels come in all shapes and sizes, so don't fret about the size or relative proportions of your shapes. Draw a small circle for the nose and an ellipsis for the back legs.

Add a triangle for an ear and a tiny circle for the squirrel's eye. The front leg is a half-banana shape and the back leg a half sausage. Add a small ellipsis for the front paws and mark where the fingers will be.

Mark the nostril with a semicircle and rough draw in the tail using directional strokes as shown. Tails on squirrels can be long or short, thick or thin.

Add some hair to the ear and slope the shoulders. Smooth over the back (between the circle and ellipsis) so that your squirrel doesn't have a dip in his spine.

Smooth over the nose (between the head and nose circles). Shade the eye in black, leaving a sliver of white and make a bottom jaw. Add a second back thigh behind the first. Erase unnecessary lines.

Add hair to the tail by scribbling in short strokes. Add hair to the neck. Add claws and make the fingers angled. Add a few whiskers and an ear center.