How to Draw a Soccer Ball

How to Draw a Soccer Ball. Drawing a soccer ball is an easy task for a child. Once you know how to draw three shapes, you can draw the soccer ball. Many small children know how to draw these 3 shapes, and adding them together makes an even greater accomplishment. A soccer ball drawing explained below is a traditional black-and-white soccer ball with a pentagon center.

Draw a circle. You can use an old ring sizer for a more accurate circle. Use a protractor for a larger circle.

Make a pentagon in the center of the circle. Make the five-sided shape about one fourth the size of the circle. Use a ruler to make the sides straight. Draw freehand to give the pentagon a more realistic design.

Draw 5 lines coming out of each corner of the pentagon, making each go to edge of the circle. Draw the line lightly so you can erase the end once you complete Step 4.

Create a triangle on the inside edge of the circle. Draw the triangle so the line from Step 3 comes directly through the center of the triangle. You are making the top half of a pentagon, but the rest is unseen in the drawing.

Erase the lines that went through the triangle. Retrace the line between the pentagon and the triangle, making it darker.

Color in the triangles and pentagon. Color them gray or black to look like a traditional soccer ball.


  • Alternately, you can draw several pentagons connected by lines on each corner of the shape. Color in the pentagons.

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