How to Draw a Panda

Draw a Panda

How to Draw a Panda. Drawing a simple panda sketch can give the basic foundation for most animal drawings and give you the basics for being an artist. Drawing a panda can be done with a series of circles, squares and just a little bit of erasing.

Draw a circle a couple of inches in diameter. This will be the body of your panda.

Sketch a smaller circle on the left side of the first circle. The two should overlap.

Make two small circles representing ears on the top of the smaller circle. Draw an oval where the smaller circle intersects the larger circle. This will be the nose.

Draw two egg shapes in the small circle to represent the black patches around the eyes. Draw two smaller circles inside the large egg shapes to represent the eyes.

Create three rectangles, one at the base of the small circle, one at the front of the big circle and one at the back of the big circle. These are your legs. Extend the first rectangle on the big circle up to the small circle.

Add a line for the mouth. Shade in the legs, ears and areas around the eyes to give an appearance of a panda.


Look at a picture of a panda so you'll know where to shade.


Shade lightly because you'll probably have to erase some line several times. You can always make it darker after the picture is drawn.

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