How to Draw a Girl

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Things You'll Need

  • Sketch pad
  • 2B or 4B drawing pencil

Drawing the human figure takes practice to get the shape and the proportions right. If you can first draw the proportional skeletal shape using stick figures such as lines, you can then fill out these drawing guides to get the girl figure. When filling in the shapes of arms, legs and body, remember that the human body is made of curves and rounded edges. Keep pencil strokes light. This way, when you make a mistake you can just go over the curve in another way, and previous pencil marks will help shade and give your figure depth.

Roughly sketch in the rounded oval shape of the head near the top of your page. Use a soft 2B or 4B pencil. The head shape of a girl is slightly more rounded than that of an adult woman.

Place a light pencil dash at the top of your oval head and one just under the chin. Place an additional four dashes, the length of the oval shape you just drew under those first two dashes. A girl’s length is from four to six times the size of her head (depending on the age of the girl). The bottom dash will be the location of the girl’s feet and the top dash should be the top of her head. Lightly number the dashes with the first being the location of her feet and the sixth being the top of her head.

Draw a very light center vertical line through the middle of the oval you drew starting at dash six and going to dash one. Measure one and a half times the length of the oval head and mark that measurement horizontally from the vertical line to the right just between dash four and five. This dot will be the right shoulder point. Do the same on the left side.

Place two dots similarly between dash three and four for the waist. These dots should be placed slightly closer to the center vertical line than the ones you placed for the shoulders. Slightly lower than that but again between dash three and four. Hip points should be slightly wider than waist line, but not too much, as this shape is not as curvaceous as that of a grown woman. Place another two dots closer to the vertical line between dashes two and three to indicate the knees. Place dots on dash one to indicate the location of the feet.

Connect your dots very lightly. This will give you the building skeleton for your girl. Start rounding the edges, thinking of the bulk and way muscle curves on the human body. If you sketch lightly you will find the forms filling out for arms, legs, feet, and body. Draw the arms and allow the elbows to hit the waist. The distance from wrist to elbow is the same as from shoulder to elbow.

Draw in the facial features, the hair and the clothes, once you have the basic structure.


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