How to Draw a Feather

By Contributing Writer

Things Needed

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

Drawing may seem complicated to some but by following a few simple tips, just about anyone can do it. To learn how to draw a feather, use the instructions here and you may find it is easier than you think.

How to Draw a Feather

First draw the shaft, also called the quill. The shaft is the center of the feather and should be drawn with a light stroke to begin with.

Draw the outline of the vane. The vane is one piece made up of many smaller pieces, called barbs, that are stuck together. Continue to use a light stroke in case you need to erase lines you are not satisfied with.

When you are satisfied with the outline of the vane, add the barbs at the bottom of the vane on the thicker end of the shaft. These barbs stick out in many directions but generally are drawn in the opposite direction of the barbs that make up the vane.

After making the outline of the feather darker, erase the lines you do not need. Add a few details to the drawing of the feather such as shading and accentuating the lines of some of the barbs.

Add the fnishing touches to your drawing of a feather. Use shading to signify the color changes that occur in the vane and the shaft.