How to Download PS3 Game Updates on the PC

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The PS3 uses Blu-ray discs and offers Internet connectivity. When updates are needed for games, you are often prompted upon insertion of the game into the console. Occasionally, the patch downloads can take a lot longer than expected. Downloading updates through a PC can speed up the time it takes so that you can get back to playing games a lot more quickly.

Download and install Microsoft.Net Framework 1.1 onto the PC (see Resources). Follow all prompts to complete the installation. Restart the computer if prompted. Download and install PS3 Proxy Server GUI (see Resources) onto the PC. Reboot the computer if necessary.

Launch the PS3 Proxy Server GUI on the computer from the location you saved it in. Enter the PC IP address when prompted. Press "Start."

Navigate to "Connection Settings" on the PS3. Locate the proxy server on the PS3 and set it to "Enabled." Enter the PC IP address. Select "Save" to apply the settings.

Insert the Blu-ray game you need to download updates for into the PS3. You will be prompted to download the patches; continue with the download. Cancel the download after five seconds. Eject the Blu-ray CD from the PS3.

Navigate to the PC PS3 proxy server. Click on the "Logs" tab. It will show the download patch you just canceled on the PS3. Right-click on the link and choose "Copy." Paste it into the download manager you use and wait for the download to complete. Note the directory of where you saved this file.

Navigate back to the proxy server window. Click the "Replace Files" tab and click "Add." Click on the small bar at the right side of the window and navigate to the file you just downloaded. Select it to place it in the window.

Place the Blu-ray CD back into the PS3. You will be prompted to download the patch; proceed with the download and follow all prompts to complete it. It will now download the update directly from the PC.


  • The PS3 must remain on throughout the entire process. This article works only for PCs, not Macs.