How to Download New Hindi Songs

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Things You'll Need

  • IComputer with Internet access
  • Credit card or online payment account

In India, about 490 million of India's more than 1.1 billion people speak Hindi, making for a large number of people with an interest in Hindi arts and culture. Much of the Hindi music you'll find comes from the more than 800 films that Bollywood--India's answer to Hollywood--produces each year. Thus, when you're looking for the newest Hindi songs for download, you can often find them on sites that also feature Bollywood films.

Go to a site that offers Bollywood films and music for download, such as, or In the site's search box, type in the artist's name you are searching for. If you are not sure what type of music you want to download, browse the "recently arrived" section of the website to get some ideas about what you'd like to download.

Listen to songs that you're thinking about downloading. Some sites allow you to listen to the songs before you purchase them without logging in, while others require you to enter some personal information to access songs on their site. If you feel the site is reputable and you are using a secure connection, provide a valid email address when asked.

Click "download" next to the song's title. If the site offers free downloads, the download process should begin immediately. If the site requires that you pay for the songs, each song will go into a virtual shopping cart. When you've chosen all the songs you want to download, click on the shopping cart. Confirm that you wish to purchase all the songs in the cart, and click on "buy." You will be directed to a screen asking for your credit card information or your online payment account (such as PayPal). Complete the credit card information page and hit "enter." Your music should begin downloading after you've completed your payment. Your computer may ask you where you'd like to save the music. Choose the file or folder where you save your music--whether that be in iTunes, Windows Media Player or another music program.


  • Be sure that you are purchasing your songs from a reliable source, so your personal information does not fall prey to identity thieves. If the site gives you doubts, or your computer issues a warning about the security certificate of a certain site, check online about whether there have been any complaints about their services. Also, be sure you have all your antivirus and malware software up to date before you download music from the Internet, so your computer does not inadvertently get any viruses.