How to Do the Zydeco Dance

Zydeco is a form of music and dance that originated in southwest Louisiana. A strong extension of Louisiana's French and Creole culture, zydeco keeps a fast pace and a consistently upbeat tempo. Zydeco dancing has always been quite popular among African American and Creole groups in Louisiana. As long as you are light on your feet and have the ability to pick up steps quickly, you can learn how to zydeco dance in no time. So try the steps and "laissez les bon temps rouler" (let the good times roll).

Play "Call the Police" or a similar zydeco song. Take your right foot and move one step sideways. Allow your left foot to follow. Move your right foot and left foot in the same manner once again. You should have taken four steps to the right.

Move four steps to the left. Starting with your left foot, move one step back to the left and follow with your right foot. Repeat this step again by moving your left foot over toward your left. Follow once again with your right foot.

Move your right foot back and turn your body slightly to the right. Follow with your left foot and move two steps back once again. The majority of your body weight will fall on your right leg. Tap your right foot twice.

Turn your body 180 degrees to change directions. You will now be facing the opposite direction.

Repeat the process again. You should automatically land on your right foot once you have turned 180 degrees. Start over again with your right foot and repeat all of the steps again.


  • If you cannot obtain your own copy of Stephanie McDee's "Call the Police," click on the Resources link.

    Check out the zydeco dance in action on, see Resources below.

    Once you have learned the zydeco steps, master them and add your own flair. Click on "How to Dance to Zydeco Music" below for more details on improving your moves.


  • Always keep up with the pace of the song. The actual footwork is always double-time. Do not slow down. It is important to keep up when line dancing to avoid throwing everyone off.

    Remember, in zydeco music, you always start by moving to the right. Each time you turn and repeat the full line dance, start on your right foot and move to your right.