How to Do the Hully Gully

Do the Hully Gully

How to Do the Hully Gully. The Hully Gully is one of many fad dances that were popular in the 1960s. There are two ways you can dance the Hully Gully. The first way is an unstructured line dance where an MC calls out instructions. The second way uses structured steps. Follow these steps to dance the Hully Gully.

Pick music that you can dance to. "Hully Gully Baby" and "Jitterbug" fit well with the Hully Gully. The Dovells put out a record called "For Your Hully Gully Party" featuring additional songs you can use. Check eBay for current auctions for the record.

Follow the moves called out by an MC. The MC generally sticks to simple moves such as "Step right," or "Slide to the left." You do the hitchhiker by extending your left arm and hand and sticking your thumb into the air. For the boxer jab, put your fists up and jab with the right hand followed by the left. Your legs and feet should continually bounce in rhythm even when you're doing moves mainly associated with your hands.

Use the structured line dance steps. Start off by stepping once to the right. Step back with your left foot and then move to the side with your right foot. Do a short kick to the front with your left foot.

Switch to the left side. Step to the left. Go back with your right foot. Move to the side with your left foot. Kick to the front with your right foot.

Take two slow steps forward with your right foot. Grape vine three quick steps to the right. On the third step, kick forward with your left foot. Move back three steps, pause for one beat and repeat Steps 3 to 5 until the music stops.

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