How to Do Black Metal Vocals

How to Do Black Metal Vocals. If you want to sing black metal, you probably already know all about vocalists like Shagrath and bands like Exciter, Exodus and Primal Fear. Black metal singers differ in style and vocal range. Some scream or growl while others sing with a clear operatic voice. Read the following tips about how to develop your own black metal vocals.

Learn singing basics. You need to know the mechanics of how the voice operates and how the throat, diaphragm and breathe relate to each other when you sing. Even when growling death or black metal, the more you learn about vocal functions, the better you'll be able to produce the sounds you want.

Select the vocal style that is appropriate for your voice and personality. You can sing in a high-pitched shout or a raspy lower register growl. Practice singing with your own lyrics or with songs by Mayhem or Dimmu Borgir.

Practice singing along with your favorite black metal songs. Once you have mastered that, turn the volume down and concentrate on your own vocal technique. You might sound better with a back of the throat gurgling sound or a deep-down sci-fi monster growl, experiment and gauge what feels more comfortable with your voice.

Perfect a guttural black metal sound. Leave the throat open and let air out by pushing it with the diaphragm. Project this sound with your mouth slightly closed or in a round O shape. Control your vocals by positioning air towards the roof or your mouth.

Protect your voice. Drink water and juice and put the beer away before show time. Save that for later. Drinking alcohol can cloud up your vocals and prevent you from hitting high notes.

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