How to Do a Glass Mosaic

Love Mosaic Sample

How to Do a Glass Mosaic? Have you ever wanted to jazz up an old coffee table or make an unique piece of art? Well anybody can do this by doing a simple glass Mosaic. Your possibilities are endless with what you can cover in broken glass.

Collect pieces of glass. You can use broken dishes, bottles or you can purchase glass.

Decide what your design is going to be or do an abstract. If doing a design draw out your pattern in pencil on your surface.

Place out your glass on your pattern then adjust pieces to your liking. Then glue each piece down in the designated spot. Be sure to leave enough space in between for grout to get in and permaenatly set the pieces. Set aside to dry.

Mix grout and then smear genours amounts of grout over glued on glass pieces. Be sure to get enough grout in between each piece of glass. Let dry.

After the grout has set up take a wet cloth and wipe off the excess grout. Be sure to get the grout off the glass as well.


Experiment with smaller pieces first. Have fun with it and use various types of glass Try using colored grout for a different look.


The glass can be sharp-don't cut yourself Always wear eye protection Grout can be messy-put newspaper down or do the project outside or in the garage. Friends will love your work and want you to do mosiac's for them as well